What kind of licensing does andrus audio have?

We have our California Contractors, C7-low voltage license, license #900330, we have current liability insurance, auto insurance, a contractors bond and works comp coverage.

Do I need a universal remote?

NO, however, the cost versus the benefits, make owning a universal remote and the simplicity of your life great.

What is the first step?

The first step with Andrus Audio in any audio/video decision is to have us come to your home or business, meet you, go over what your needs are, we can make suggestions and then put together a free proposal.

What kind of warranty does Andrus Audio provide?

All manufacture warranties that come with the product we sell is a standard 1 year manufacture warranty. Some manufactures do allow the purchase of extended warranties. Our labor and installation warranty is 5 years. We stand behind our work and will come out anytime.

What does Andrus Audio charge sales tax on?

Andrus Audio must charge the customer sales tax based on the city you live in and we deliver the product. We only charge sales tax on the products and parts we sell you, there is no sales tax charged on labor to install.

How would you describe your installation quality?

There are many “hack job installers” out there, that is not acceptable at Andrus Audio. We do way above and beyond to insure the job is clean, the wires are neatly put together, this takes more time from our installers but Isaiah, the owner would not allow anything less.