Learn About Hand Held Solutions

Everyone has dealt with the frustration of trying to find the right remote for the right component. We live in a world of ever growing gadgets. Let Andrus Audio take that basket of jumbled remotes away and replace it with one simple solution. Put a Universal Remote in your hand and you’ll never find yourself trying to turn on your TV with the ceiling fan remote again!

Hand Held Solutions for Home Automation

Hand Held Solutions are the perfect accompaniment for your Home Automation system. If you’ve got questions about how you take your home’s comfort, security and entertainment to the next level, make sure to ask about how you can bundle hand held and wireless solutions into a full home automation package! Some home automation solutions can go as far as controlling the lights, television, security system and even heating and cooling system. These controls could be initiated from your cell phone, computer, tablet or any other data enabled device giving you the ultimate peace of mind and control of your home at all points in time.

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