Restaurant Audio & Video Installation San Diego

Owning a successful restaurant depends on the atmosphere just as much as the food. If you do not have the right type of mood lighting, or background music, it can offset the whole experience for a group of guests. Andrus Audio and Video are your San Diego experts in all things related commercial audio and video. Whether it is syncing several televisions for a sports bar, or properly wiring speakers throughout your Italian restaurant to make sure there is minimal sound lag, we offer professional installation services complimented by expert consultation.

Restaurant Sound Installation & Wiring

The logistics of setting up a modern sound system in your food establishment can become overwhelming when trying to design a calm, yet rich atmosphere for your guests. Where is the proper place for the sub-woofer, that will allow it to properly carry throughout the dining room? How can you position your speaker so they are not interrupting some meals, while completely missing others? Andrus can easily answer these questions and more to ensure your restaurant sounds exactly how you would like it.

San Diego Restaurant Video

Aside from setting up your businesses surround sound system, Andrus Audio has a breadth of experience with video installation for commercial businesses in the San Diego, CA area. Owning a social restaurant, such as a sports bar or coffee shop can be enhanced with properly placed television screens. A restaurant can even utilize these screens as menu displays, allowing for advanced design and quick changes! If you have any questions regarding the possibilities of sound and visuals at your restaurant, coffee shop, or bar, please contact us today! Our team of experts will be happy to get you started with your new entertainment set up.

From One San Diego Service Business To Another..

Coming from a service industry ourselves, we know how important the customer is to the success of your business. That is why we strive to be the most credible and reliable people in the San Diego area for audio and video services! On top of our initial consultation, install, or project, we will be sure to follow up with the progress of your restaurant atmosphere. Whether you need audio maintenance, added video, or a rewiring due to reconstruction of your growing business, Andrus will be there to assist!

Restaurant Audio Video for San Diego California